gold coast bikinis


So December really has been the silly season for me because I've been pumping out bikinis. Ever since I started my swim label - I've always wanted to do an  AUSTRALIA DAY set.  But somehow always ran out of time.  I finally prepped early this time and omfg i LOVE LOVE IT.   STRAYA BABEYYYYYY!  I'm on holidays from 1 January - 18 January and then I'll be playing catch up in my other jobs, so this is the last round of bikinis for sometime sorry. I have the next 4 x days dedicated to sewing to get your orders in ASAP  before I shut down until at least end January. I hope you understand  I can't participate in boxing day sales due to the nature of my little side hustle, however the best I can do is bring you brand new bikinis for boxing day. Happy shopping you tan-a-holics. Much Love MELY.

PS huge shout out to my friend Paige for her helping me get the shots for this launch! x