Hi, my name is Melynda and I'm the girl behind the label. It feels so surreal to have a 'bikini label'. I never had dreams of being a fashion/swimwear designer, it all just started from necessity and now I can't imagine my life any other way.

Firstly, I was at Uni, living on the Gold Coast on my own and too broke to afford clothes. I was 19. Mum and Grandma had taught me to sew a little, so when mum upgraded her machine she gifted me her old Pfaff sewing machine. It sat in my cupboard for a while, like I was ever going to use it. 

But then, something else happened. I was living on the beach with a pool and i needed swimwear. My whole lifestyle had me either at the beach or the pool everyday and you can only wear the one set of togs so much. I remember scrounging together some money to buy a set of bikinis, and when they arrived they cut into my hips and made be feel like a hippo.  Why didn't they look as good on me as the mode? body hatred began. Same thing at the stores, I remember trying on size 14 and crying in the change room. So shit.

Anyway, the set I bought online just didn't fit me right and i was so frustrated with it because I couldn't afford to buy another bikini (which in my mind would be a waste of money when nothing would fit me how i wanted anyway). Back in 2009 there wasn't the availability of cheap Zaful / Pretty Little Thing bikinis like there is today. I literally just flipped a switch and went fk this I can do better. so I got out mums machine cut up the bikini pulled it apart and stitched it back together how I wanted. My seam work was so shit, took me ages to figure out how to use it again, but didn't matter because that was on the inside no one would see that - it looked bomb from the outside and didn't cut into me anywhere. 

I LOVED THAT BIKINI. Then i got the bright idea to go a local fabric store in Burleigh and they had a ton of cool swimwear prints. Half a metre probably only cost me $10 back then so i pulled apart another old bikini I had and remade it in new fabric. Over the years, i got pretty good. My seamwork got really neat, my patterns got better. I started making dresses too. It's boggling to think i've been a seamstress for 11 years now, feels like yesterday I made my first bikini. Anyway, friends started askiing me, where did you get that dress? where did you get that bikini? and i was like 'I made it' smug as. they would ask me for a copy I wouldn't share. I didn't have time for that i had a full time job and part of me didn't wan't anyone else to have what i was wearing because i felt like it was one thing that i had that was better than everyone else.How silly of me, now that I'm selling bikinis its another level of rewarding to be able to share my makes and its incredible to see another girl wearing my designs. It's the most insane feeling - my designs have literally been all over the world! 

Then I fell off a horse and broke both my ring fingers. I was laying in hospital so depresso and freaking about how i would afford the surgery. Also you know how long you wait around in a hospital i needed something to fill in the time. I had a full time job but it paid minimum wage and i was living an expensive life on the gold coast with my beachside unit etc. I thought, i need extra money and everyones been asking me for my bikinis .... i'll just set up an instagram account and see what happens. Fast forward, and now I've held 4 x runway shows, been invited to shows in London, Melbourne and Miami, had my swimwear on the cover of a MAXIM magazine, Sold over 400 x bikinis, seen my designs travel the world on countless girls and made sales to girls living overseas in Germany, England, Canada and all throughout America.  

I do wonder what would have happened if i had set up insta in the early days and blown up, it's incredibly hard to grow coming in so late and into such a heavily saturated market. But when i started i was the first to be wearing 'Brazilian' bikinis on the Gold Coast. 


Better late than never. It's manageable for me. I'm still plodding away, making bikinis all by myself and it's such an incredible love for me. Each bikini probably takes me about an hour and half to make. So all of my bikinis are extremely limited, if you buy a bikini from me it's unlikely that any more than 5 or so girls in the whole world have a copy. Because after that I don't want to make any more copies.   I'm like an ADHD designer, I just keep churning out new stuff, make a couple of copies then bring out the next set. Some of the prints i source are from local boutiques, but i also love making my own fabric prints. They are just crazy expensive because printing small runs in Australia is like that.


It's given me so much fulfilment and purpose in life. It's linked me to some of my closest friends and opened me up to a world of opportunity i never could  have dreamed of. So, here's to all the girls that have supported me along the way and bought a bikini from me! I love and appreciate you all so much. It's an absolute honour to share my designs and my lifestyle with you.